My first camera was a Nikon fm2. It didn’t just take terrific photos, it was so robust you could open bottles or even drive nails into the wall with it.

Photography has always been an important part of my life. The first time I held a camera in my hand it was love at first sight and in all the months and years that followed that initial fascination never disappeared.

I invested most of my pocket money on 35mm film and developing. One day I had the opportunity to work in a BW laboratory and that was when I realized there was no turning back.

After my apprenticeship, I studied photo design for three years at the academy in Munich. I then worked as a freelance photographer and art director in Munich, Berlin and Hamburg until I entered the world of advertising and online marketing.

I am still faithful to the online world, but photography, which has led a shadowy existence for many years, is emerging more and more into the light.

My focus is on food and reportage photography. I love telling stories and showing the audience the world as I see it through the lens.